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Money Masters Documentary: Rothschild Control of the Federal Reserve and Nations’ Central Banks

Rothschild Research Archive 2040

This is a lengthy and detailed documentary which not only covers the abbreviated history of the development of concepts of currency and banking, but details how fractional reserve banking and the agents of the Rothschild family and their heirs have been intricately entwined into the very core histories of Great Britain and the United States since the earliest days of their respective inceptions as nations. The video documentary is about 3.5 hours in length.

The viewer will receive many many surprise revelations about the hidden hand of criminal banking cartels which have been involved in nearly every war fought on British, European or US soil since the late 1600s. If you love the United States and want to understand how the course of our own history has been manipulated by criminal bank cartels since before the Revolutionary War, you MUST SEE this documentary. Enjoy in in stages, if you are…

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