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Prophecies RE: 200 Million Man Army Marching on the Mideast in the Last Days

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There is considerable confusion regarding the exact number of any collective army which would converge out of the Mideast nations to eventually march under the “black flag” of radical Islam.  A Christian truth researcher explains in his video below, that in fact, the only nation on earth capable of raising an army of 200 million men and women, is China.

There are three great armies in the world which every American Christian should be monitoring in the next eight to ten years: 1) the rise of the army of the black flag in the Mideast, 2) the Russian army, 3) the fast swelling armies of China.

“The number of the mounted troops was 200 million.”

– Rev 9:14-16

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Cited from an Islamic website [ English language translation blow ]:

“Description: According to the prophecies of prophet Muhammad, a non-stop army will rise from the land of Khorasan holding Black Flags of Islam in the end times. This army will conquer several occupied lands of Muslims till it reaches to Jerusalem. Then it will pledge its allegiance to Imam al Mahdi.”

Where exactly is Khorasan?

Cited: “Khorasan in the time of Prophet Muhammad  included the whole of Afghanistan, Northern parts of Pakistan including Malakand Division, Central Asian States, part of Iran. Still a province in the North East of the Iran is named as Khorasan.” [ More  Details ]

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