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Iraq is Falling to ISIS Jihadi Terrorists and the American “News” Media Doesn’t Care

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During the events of the past three days in Iraq, I have repeatedly scoured every TV news outlet I can find, looking for ANY in-depth reporting which would attempt to explain to the American people how the bitter war in Iraq – including military aid work rendered over 13 years, the terrible cost of  1+ trillion dollars spent, 4,500 American lives lost, 12,000+ US soldiers maimed, and nearly 200,000 Iraqis lost  – could suddenly come crashing down down to the ground and be washed away in three short days, as ISIS Jihadi terrorists swept down into Iraq and took city after city, virtually unopposed.

How could this happen? And why has the American news media chosen to stand aside and virtually refuse to report the story?

It is my understanding from what little I have been able to glean off of alt news sites, that 30,000 Iraqi troops who…

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