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Church groups ship illegal “children” deeper into US; House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Invasion of America…..

The church group story is no surprise, it is exactly what they did in the “Sanctuary Movement”more than three decades ago.  The story at InfoWars(hat tip: Cathy) is worth checking out.  Based on the number of comments the news has gotten there—over 3,000 comments at this time—the message about who is driving the invasion (the Religious Left!) of our Southern Border is getting much wider distribution.

Drudge is reporting that militia groups are being called up, here.

Drudge posted this photo today to highlight all the news of the youthful “asylum seeking” invaders from Central America.

Meanwhile, Chairman Bob Goodlatte has announced that the full House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing this coming Wednesday (the 25th) on the “crisis” calling it an Obama Administration-made disaster.   Goodlatte wants some answersfrom the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Here are the details about time and…

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