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While Everyone Watches the World Cup, ISIS Is Taking Over Iraq

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Events in Iraq since June 12th have moved with such speed it’s been a real struggle just to keep the blog front page current. For 3-4 critical days between June 10th and June 14th American news media outlets were either on vacation, or operating under a directive NOT to report news out of Iraq, an unheard of calamity in American news reporting.

By the time the US media began to report what was taking place in Iraq, much of it had already happened and been consolidated. It’s been a rapid downhill slide in that country ever since. The material below has been compiled since June 12th. I’m updating the front page about every 48 hours to reflect new developments.

At this pace there will no longer be an “Iraq” as we knew it by the end of the summer. What will exist in it’s place will be a slow motion…

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