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ISIS Terrorists Are Exploding, Obliterating and Desecrating Iraq’s Sacred Ancient Shrines

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As the escalating unfolding of ever more “wars and rumors of wars” continues to mount in the Mideast, some of the most ancient and sacred religious shrines are being obliterated forever. It can only be described as madness and pure human evil to intentionally detonate sacred shrines where people have gathered to worship and find peace for hundreds, if not thousands of years. If the principles being used to justify these horrific acts are allowed to continue to spread in the Mideast, there will come a point soon where not a single historic building, shrine, mosque, archeological site, or treasured historic site in the region will survive.

What kind of insane madman would want to sit on a pile of rubble and reign over thousands of acres of devastated ruins?  What kind of religion commands that such atrocities be enacted? The spirit of absolute evil is inherent in these kinds…

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