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Momentum Swells For Obama’s Impeachment

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Since the Breitbart article by Sarah Palin, calling for President Obama’s immediate impeachment, literally thousands of news stories and commentaries have appeared in every major news outlet around the United States focusing on the question of whether or not President Obama should be impeached. It is impossible to underestimate the psychological impact of this public outpouring, which continues to accelerate going into a crucial three-week Congressional showdown. This week, the House Rules Committee will be holding a hearing to determine whether Speaker of the House John Boehner’s proposed law suit against Obama for violation of the Constitutional separation of powers will be approved and funded. That hearing, regardless of the outcome, will put a much larger spotlight on the impeachment issue. Later in July–sometime before July 26–the House as a whole will debate and vote on House Concurrent Resolution 105, introduced on Friday, July 11, demanding the withdrawal of U.S…

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