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Mapping the Demographics of Hate in America: Newest Map Data

American Info Maps

I originally titled one of my other news blogs with the byline “Humanity: One Step Forward, Six Steps Back” when I founded it about a year and half ago. That same phrase quite well describes the crawling, cancerous growth of ethnic hate groups in America in 2014. If you have ever wondered how some of these groups could actually be ‘mapped’, there’s website which has made it easy for demographers and statisticians: the darkly popular online ‘water cooler hang out’ for people who “hate” certain ethnic groups, “” asks it’s members to register with a date of birth and location of birth and residence, and surprisingly, most of it’s members will comply. I’m certain the NSA, FBI, CIA and other covert alphabet orgs have a field day with this freely submitted online data. What it gives map makers is a chance to plot where the aggregated hot spots…

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