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Islamic State Video: 36 Minutes of Propaganda and Mass Executions in Iraq

I regret that I must post material which is so graphic in nature. Western and European news media outlets are ignoring these events, which is utterly beyond my comprehension and is quite suspicious as well. Let me state the sorry facts here and now: If you ignore this, it WILL NOT go away. It will be at your doorstep within months. Wake up America, Wake UP EU. Pay attention and begin reporting these stories, while you can. Pay attention to what is happening in Iraq.




Unable to embed video on WordPress. VIEW IT HERE via LiveLeak. WARNING GRAPHIC.



As part of their psychological war to create a medieval-style caliphate, the Islamic State has released a new shocking video showing scenes of mass executions, warning Iraqi soldiers and others who dare to resist that they will be rounded up and killed.

The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL, stormed through areas of northern Iraq last month, building on territory they had already seized in western Iraq and Syria.

The 36-minute video clip was released for the Eid holiday marking the end of Ramadan, sheds a disturbing light on the mentality of the Islamic State extremists and the methods they use as the organization presses on with its campaign of hatred and murder.

The video begins with IS fighters sweeping through a town in quick hit raids. The insurgents then stand over dozens of…

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