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‘Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Islam’s Lie

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Amen sister.

Watch it all the way through and carefully listen to what she has to say. Downright inspirational. The spark of Western Civilization and Christendom is not entirely dead in Europe. She’s a candle in the Darkness bravely spreading the Light.

For those of us of the Protestant persuasion remembering and defending the much-needed Reformation, Martin Luther, and Christianity in general is a calling and a duty. And I know my Catholic friends will join me in recognizing the need for Christians of all stripes to stand up against the Islamization of European society and the continued inroads it is making on that continent. Such a cause should unite all branches of Christianity.

Heidi Mund is indeed a brave woman and a much-needed spark in a secular and humanist European culture that has largely turned its back on its Christian roots and is indeed a spiritually barren wasteland. Allah…

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Israel Performs Heart Surgery on 17-Month-old Yazidi Baby for Family Escaping Islamic Persecution in Iraq

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Israel Yazidi Baby Wisam 1 (resized)

 Baby Wisam and his father in hospital in Israel. Photo courtesy of: Save a Child’s Heart and Ynet News 

While Wisam recovers from heart surgery in Israel, his father’s concern turns to his Yazidi family in northern Iraq.

by, Ynet News

For Baby Wisam, a 17-month-old Yazidi child, Israel is the place that saved his life, even as ISIS threatened his family in northern Iraq.

The toddler has been in Israel since June with his father, where he has undergone heart surgery through the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation. The two arrived from northern Iraq, where ISIS forces are trying to eliminate the Yazidi minority.

Wisam was invited to Israel for treatment at the Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv. In June, he and his father, Abu Wisam, left their home town of Sinjar to head to Israel for treatment.

The two spent the summer in Israel prior to…

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Belgian Chef Fighting In Syria Pledges Allegiance To ISIS Caliphate, Cooks Up Recipes For Jihad Against America

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He felt “compelled as a Muslim to leave his life in Belgium behind and fight” for the cause of Satan “Allah” after viewing Islamist propaganda videos on YouTube. Compulsion in religion. Where would Islam be without it? …

Qur’an Sura 2:256a, “There is no compulsion in religion …”

Qur’an Sura 4:76a, “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah …”

There Is No Compulsion In Religion ... Until One Is Compelled By It There Is No Compulsion In Islam … Until One Is Compelled By It

By Ammar Cheikh Omar, NBC News – “After two years of fighting alongside al Qaeda-backed militants in Syria, Abu Saif thought he was done with jihad and ready to return to his ‘normal’ life as a chef in Belgium. But everything changed when Sunni militants swept through northern Iraq and brought their brand of holy war to a global audience.

The 31-year-old cut ties with his old fighting force and put in with the rival Islamic State of Iraq and…

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