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1- Yemen losing control of North, South despite U.S. drone strikes
Despite U.S. air strikes, Yemen has lost control over large parts of the country to Islamist insurgents.
Security sources said the regime of President Abbed Rabbo Mansour Hadi no longer controls much of northern and southern Yemen. They said these areas have come under the control of Iranian-backed Shi’ite rebels and Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

A Yemeni soldier walks in a graveyard in Sanaa where the victims of a December 2013 Al Qaida attack on the Defense Ministry compound are laid to rest. AFP/Mohammed Huwais

“The security situation is much worse than two years ago when we succeeded to recapture terrorist areas,” a source said.
AQAP was said to have expanded its presence in several provinces in eastern and southern Yemen. The sources said AQAP gained full control over the the Hadramaut province.
“Local authorities in Hadramaut…

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