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Gang of Black & Hispanic Teens in Saint Louis Beat a White Man to Death with Hammers at Traffic Stop For NO Reason: Mainstream Media Ignores the Story

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Here’s what you WON’T be hearing reported on CNN today and they continue to blare on and on and on about black thug Micheal Brown, and Darren Wilson, the police officer was killed him because he feared for his life. Here’s what happened to another white man, an innocent motorist, while he and his friend were sitting at a traffic stop in Saint Louis, not 20 miles from Ferguson. This is the kind of abject lawlessness which is going in the region. I’ve been watching CNN for 5 hours today and there has not been one single sentence mentioning this awful horrendous unprovoked violent murder.

At least one of the news reports below makes the preposterous statement in the headline that the killing was NOT racially motivated. How completely ludicrous. I am holding CNN, and all other news reporting networks who are IGNORING this story liable for their actions of…

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