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Literal Pressed Pure Gold Paper Dollars Is a Potential Game Changer for We the People

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“Literal paper gold dollars, honestly produced, in the hands of impeccably managed private enterprise, is like an answer to a prayer that the American people ought to have been praying for at least the last 60 years.” – Screenshot news blog

I had been hearing adverts from “” on Coast radio off and on for several days before I found time to stop by their website and see what all the fuss was about. I went NUTS over this concept and when you pause to consider the full implications, I bet you will too.  I had been following Bitcoin earlier with great interest for the last couple of years, as an alternative universal currency and means of exchange. But sadly, Bitcoin is now corrupted by some of the very people who helped it rise to prominence.  The recent theft of hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins by the owner of the…

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