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Video: Pakistani Mullah offers Sex Service to Divorced Woman on Live TV

The Silent Soldier

December 12, 2014

The Muslim Issue:

Aww… Don’t you love how generous these Muslim men are out of their deep and high ‘respect’ for women?

Prostitution is alive and well within the Islamic community where they can sleep with anyone, after acquiring a few small words of prayer for Mutah. That proclaimed morality they pretend to have is a mere smokescreen. Many of these women lost their virginity by the time they were six anyways.

This discussion on Live TV on a Pakistani Network provides insight into one of the darkest aspects of Islamic Sharia as it pertains to Women, Family Law, Divorce and the Islamic Clergy.

Here, a Pakistani Muslim woman has been divorced by her husband by him merely uttering the words ṭalāq (“I divorce you”) three times. They now want to get remarried. But this gets a bit complex because to remarry she needs…

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