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The Future of Robotics: Cause for Excitement or Ultimate Human Angst?

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With rapid recent advances in robotics comes the expanding angst of human robotics scientists, many of whom now fear that their technological super-creations will soon surpass their own intellectual abilities, eventually rendering the human intellect obsolete. I find these trumped up worries to be nonsense, but I can see how science might be more than a little bit concerned.

Dire injury and medical messes already made during the deployment of robots in surgical procedures should serve as fair warning to the fools among the many brilliant men who toil in our scientific community.  Never assign a machine to complete a task more efficiently performed by the trained and experienced hands of highly skilled human beings. Lesson learned, one would hope.

And then there is HAL: the once-brilliant-now-gone-beserker super computer who ran all the operations on the space ship in the historic Stanley Kubrick film 2001 Space Odyssey.” We…

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