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News247-365 News Blog: 2014 in Review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for News247-365 news blog. In 2014 I was more of a sporadic news blogger than a regular daily blogger, due to business obligations to my Ebay store, Cherokee Blue Trading Post, which has been booming. Making a living was a priority over news blogging, although I do try to get over to WP at least several times a month and do some updates. I re-named the blog late in the year, re-designed the blog interface in the last half of the year, making posts easier to read, hopefully easier to locate by search and category lists, helping the front page to load faster as well.

I remain fully committed to news blogging, but these days I do have to divide my time more as my vintage Native American jewelry trade grows. I’d like to welcome new subscribers and…

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