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Young Geniuses Around the World Can Help To Reclaim the Word “INSPIRE”

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The word “inspire” has been greatly debauched and debased by it’s current association with the epitome of black human evil through affiliation with ISIS and their terror publications. This creeping evil now seeks to twist not only young minds through the hideous misuse of social media and the internet, but also seeks to alter the meanings of the very words that are used to bring hope to the species.  It’s time to take back the word INSPIRE and put it in it’s rightful place again, as the hopeful epitome of of how we respond when we see the very best of ourselves reflected back to us, often born as an exceptional young person, genetically gifted, capable of doing remarkably wonderful and truly good things which can affect humanity’s future in a decidedly positive fashion.  If we employ our own media to fight to save our most precious ideas, concepts,

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