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‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations a Bombshell Blow to Her 2016 Campaign, Denial Won’t Work This Time

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AP Photo/Mikhail MetzelVladimir Putin leers at Hillary Clinton as they converse. The look on his face reminds me of the hungry jackal who is just about to pounce on it’s unsuspecting prey. Did Hillary believe the back room dealings she had with the Russian government would actually never come to light? Is this one of the REAL reasons she chose to run her own private email server out of her home? A thorough criminal investigation needs to be opened up on Bill and Hillary Clinton and the un-American activities of their private foundations. Selling special uranium laced favors to the Russian government for cash payments definitely qualifies as criminal in my mind, especially when one is a an acting Secretary of State.

The days are long gone when I admired Hillary Clinton and followed the rising star of her career with interest. The tarnish which has gathered around this woman and her

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