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What Really Happened to Freddie Gray?

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This police timeline of events as published by below does not compute.  How does a young man end up with his spine “80% severed at the neck” from riding in the back of a police van after being arrested? The outrage over the death of Freddie Gray has now spilled over into violent riots of grief and rage all over Baltimore. 235 arrests have been made after the riots and looting of April 27th 2015. I set out this morning to try and locate any sensible published reports which explain how Freddie actually died – an why. I’m still looking for facts, and they seem to be few and far between.’s published “police timeline” of the day Freddie Gray was arrested:

This is what police say occurred:

8:39:12 a.m., Sunday, April 12

At the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street in Baltimore, a police officer makes…

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