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NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ Hits An All Time Low: Excessive Shock & Gore Ruining the Show and Destroying the Credibility of NBC

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I finally hit the wall tonight as I looked up from my computer work while the TV played in the background and was subjected to the zoomed in close up sight of a bloody severed man’s tongue being presented in a box to a character on ‘The Blacklist’. Just a few minutes earlier I had a plate of food in front of me. I would have certainly had a hard time holding down my meal had that scene played while I was eating. You know that TV has hit the absolute all time low when you have to plan NOT to be eating a meal when “The Blacklist” airs.

This wild slide toward all-out visual depravity on TV has come to the point where it is time for million of viewers to begin saying “NO!” to these scenes. It’s disgusting and it’s uncalled for. There is a way to tell…

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