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Citizen Journalists Are Still Recording Video Footage of Nibiru That’s Hard to Explain Away: Reports

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For those who have followed news regarding Nibiru for many years [ like me ] you might have noticed there is still a heavy blanket of official media “black-out” concerning the brown dwarf sun aka “rogue” wandering sphere. with. Some researchers believe that what they are seeing is a “rogue” or wandering planet which is untethered to any star system, free traveling through space [ there are billions of these in the Milky Way galaxy ] while others insist Nibiru is a ‘failed star’ which never ignited, aka a “brown dwarf,”  which travels on a 3600 year highly elliptical orbit in and out of our solar system, toting it’s own moons, seven of them, along with it.

I check into YouTube from time to time to see who has recorded any peculiar new footage, and this is what I found today. I make no claims obviously – but some of…

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