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Friend of Dylann Roof: “I feel we could have done something and prevented this whole thing.”

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“Yes, you are your “crazy” brother’s keeper. Yes: you need to go to the authorities. Yes: you need to notify someone in law enforcement and seek out his parents and speak with them confidentially. Had you done this, you would not have psychological blood all over your hands.” – Blog Author

Official “mug shots” of Dylann Roof after his arrest for the slaughter of nine innocent church goers in South Carolina earlier this week. Dylan confessed earlier to his friends that he “wanted to do something crazy” and “hurt a bunch of people.” No one sought out law enforcement or spoke to his parents and tragedy ensued.

First of all, there is a rather large misstatement from TV and Big Media news reports about Dylann Roof that must be corrected. His parents DID NOT buy him a handgun for his birthday. Dylann purchased the gun himself, with gift money that…

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