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I Don’t Believe Former WH Chef Walter Scheib Drowned on a Hiking Trail in Taos Ski Valley

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The problem is, I lived in that region for years. I’m pretty familiar with the Taos Ski Valley. This morning when I saw the “official” cause of death for former Clinton / Bush era White House chef Walter Scheib, I had to sit for a minute: “Drowned”? Who “drowns” on a hiking trail, when there are no large bodies of water anywhere near?

So I went to Google Maps and looked up the Yerba Canyon hiking trail. And I scoured it. I could not locate a body of water anywhere where someone could drown. Scheib was a fit and robust age 61. Looking at photos of him, it seems highly unlikely that he would have fallen into a body of water while hiking and “drowned.”

But it is AWFULLY convenient for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign that now one more truth teller, someone who might have had intimate knowledge…

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