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What If North and South Korea Went to War? Query Has No Answer, Because the Answer is Too Terrible to Consider.

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The query presented in the first video below is rolled about, and facts stated for the record, but it is never actually answered in the video clip. There are too many other potential dire political chain reactions from hell which would begin to cascade into the picture, which really cannot be answered adequately, as only God knows how those might play out. A war between North and South Korea would very quickly escalate into a most terrible final proxy war between China and the US, a scenario which has already played out once before, in Vietnam from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. We all know how that played. It was a fiasco for our country.

I see no scenario where North and South Korea go to war which would NOT escalate into US involvement on the South Korean side, since we are their committed allies. North Korean backer…

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