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You Won’t Believe What the Ted Cruz Campaign Did in Iowa to Try “Shame” Voters into Caucusing


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There are certain inevitable moments in a political campaign when the actions of a candidate give away his real character. I watch for these. I’ve seen plenty of political candidates come and go. I was a little girl 7 years old when John F. Kennedy died. These “political tells” are often glaring, other times they are so subtle they can fly right by the majority. They sometimes go unnoticed by all but a few campaign watchers. They are indicators of true character, or more often than not, they reveal the uglier inner nature of the person. Ted Cruz would have you believe that he is the most pious Christian man in the race, right?

But what his campaign did this week, to pressure would-be caucus goers into action, is one of the sleaziest moves I have EVER seen a politician take to try to bend the wills of possible supporters…

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3 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What the Ted Cruz Campaign Did in Iowa to Try “Shame” Voters into Caucusing

  1. Not too surprising unfortunately…looks like the candidates will do almost anything for a vote…or attention. Not the best motive to have.