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Failure to Launch: As Jeb Bush Burns Through His Campaign War Chest, He Finishes Close to Last Place in Iowa

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“If only wishing and a BIG Illuminati family name could make it so,” Jeb Bush might be musing to himself this morning. ACTUALITY check: No one wants a Jeb Bush presidency, no matter what the Bilderberg men and women want. Last night it was never so apparent.

“Bush is burning through his $117 million war chest faster than the Super PAC can bring in the money. Already $50 million were spent on Bush’s presidential campaign that is refusing to lift his nose diving popularity.”

Jeb Bush spent more than $2,674 per Iowan vote, and finished with a dismal 3% of the vote. That’s about as close to zero as you can get without just evaporating in plain view. News reports had already surfaced a few days back about the alarming rate at which Mr. Bush has burned through his 117 million dollar war chest since last fall. Be sitting…

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2016 Iowa Caucus Results with 95% of Votes Counted: 9:10 PM Pacific Time

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Ted Cruz is the winner on the GOP side of things. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were in a virtual dead heat tie with Clinton at 49.8% and Sanders at 49.6%. Remarkable. Cruz cheated to win. No network news outlet, out of SIX, dared to report his campaign stunt of sending out the fake yellow “Voting Violation” cards which ratted out people’s neighbors who did not caucus in years past. I had plenty to say about this low down rotten dirty campaign tactic.

Winning via cheating is not the right way to take the yellow brick road to the White House but no one called Cruz out on it. Not ONE MSM news network reported on it. I am calling out the Ted Cruz cheating event as a clearly #BlacklistedNewsStory at this point. So we have a cheater as the winner on the GOP side of the Iowa Caucus tonight…

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