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Failure to Launch: As Jeb Bush Burns Through His Campaign War Chest, He Finishes Close to Last Place in Iowa

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“If only wishing and a BIG Illuminati family name could make it so,” Jeb Bush might be musing to himself this morning. ACTUALITY check: No one wants a Jeb Bush presidency, no matter what the Bilderberg men and women want. Last night it was never so apparent.

“Bush is burning through his $117 million war chest faster than the Super PAC can bring in the money. Already $50 million were spent on Bush’s presidential campaign that is refusing to lift his nose diving popularity.”

Jeb Bush spent more than $2,674 per Iowan vote, and finished with a dismal 3% of the vote. That’s about as close to zero as you can get without just evaporating in plain view. News reports had already surfaced a few days back about the alarming rate at which Mr. Bush has burned through his 117 million dollar war chest since last fall. Be sitting…

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