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Trump Threatens to Sue Ted Cruz Over Iowa Caucus Cheating Revelations, Carson Campaign Outraged with Cruz as Well


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Ted Cruz waves to supporters. Two days after the 2016 Iowa Caucus, serious allegations are arising that Cruz cheated to get the Caucus win over Donald Trump.  Even the Iowa Sec. of State has commented on the fraudulent nature of the “voting violations” flyer sent out by the Cruz campaign to Iowans a few days before the caucus, stating “No such law exists.”  Trump is now threatening to sue.

LIVE VIDEO Feed Donald Trump Rally Arkansas 2.3.2016

I had written that the “gloves would come off” after Iowa on the GOP side of the race. It’s one day later. The gloves are off.  No one is going to play nice anymore.

Trump is threatening to sue Ted Cruz over some VERY serious issues with tactics used by his campaign to win the caucus, edging out Trump by 6,000 votes. The Iowa Secretary of State has also weighed in on the…

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3 thoughts on “Trump Threatens to Sue Ted Cruz Over Iowa Caucus Cheating Revelations, Carson Campaign Outraged with Cruz as Well

  1. I really do dislike all the mud slinging, cheating and just down right poor ethics when it comes to voting campaigns—especially for what should be held one of the most prominent and almost sacred positions the USA has to offer—not to treat it as a prize to won by whatever means necessary.


    • I could not agree more. The cheating on presidential elections is getting worse each campaign season, soon it will be completely entrenched. In 2012 there was so much cheating taking place to get Barack Obama re-elected, the results bore no resemblence to how people actually voted. Mitt Romney won in state after state, yet they gave the electoral votes to Obama instead. The same thing happened in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote by a large margin, yet after weeks of wrangling, they gave the election to George W. Bush instead. Soon it won’t even matter how the people vote. We get the president the Bilderbergs pre-choose. The whole system is corrupt to the core.