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While The World Parties for Super Bowl 50, North Korea Bumps Up It’s Missile Launch Plans

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What if?What if the world’s most deranged lunatic leader of the world’s most reclusive, cruel, oppressive and dangerous hermit nation decided to commit national suicide and actually launch an attempted nuclear first strike against the United States on Super Bowl 50 weekend, while the entire free world was partying away, completely distracted and unprepared?  Sounds the plot line to a really goofy Seth Rogen comedy movie, doesn’t it?

How long will the world stand by while North Korea’s Kim Jog Un continues to up up up the ante, getting ever closer to being able to actually hit the United States with a nuclear first strike. Sanctions are obviously not working, and they haven’t been for years. Is the free world really more or less helpless to do anything that can really put a stop to the diabolical plans of a nuclear armed North Korea? We west coast residents think…

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