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Viva Las Vegas! Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucus by a Whopping 46%, Mainstream Media Has a Coronary


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Donald Trump, in Las Vegas.

I waited until after the South Carolina GOP primary to make my final decision about supporting Donald Trump for president. I had to make sure that what was happening was REAL. And it is. He’s not perfect. No man is. But he now represents the very best bet we have in this country to make it abundantly clear to the hidden ruling elites that everyday Americans aka “the silent majority” are sick and tired of being handed our DNC and GOP candidates on a pre-selected “Illuminati platter” every election cycle. He’s also the very best bet we have to face down a 19 trillion dollar deficit and beat back a humiliating looming national bankruptcy. He just happens to also be our very best bet to actually SECURE our borders and put right an “illegal immigrants run amuck” strategy cooked up by the Obama administration in order to add more million…

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5 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas! Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucus by a Whopping 46%, Mainstream Media Has a Coronary

  1. Not surprising. I think he owns a good chunk of things out there, but then he does have a huge following. Now if only he could be the man to live up to it and change some of his ways.


    • I’m voting for him. After the past 16 years we could do a lot worse, and we HAVE done a lot worse. You can follow my twitter feed on Donald @CherokeeBlueTP. Thanks for your comments! – Leigh


      • I don’t like the fact he’s very double minded. He says he is prolife but promotes planned parenthood via all the myths their very own CEO debunked. He uses very bad language and has had a history of taking advantage of people via public domain, and bankruptcy laws costing others their very lively hood. Yes he has some good ideas like taxes etc, but Americans should not just want better but the best. Unfortunately I have yet to see any candidate that claims to follow biblical principles stick to any of them this go round. Very disappointing to say the least.


      • Suit yourself, glad you are a reader and always enjoy hearing what you have to say. 🙂


      • Thanks. Differences in opinions shouldnt get in the way. Agree to disagree i say. And i look forward to more from your page 🙂