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Lord, please help me to know and do your Will.

The Spiritual Meaning of 333

Copyright 2009-3009 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved. Updated on 10.26.2014




The number 333 can appear as:

3:33 am

3:33 pm

333 in any numeric printout, such as $3.33, or lottery number 03330, etcetera.

The word “crucible” means moment of significant choice.

For those who know and love God, the insight and knowledge you are exposed to on this blog represented by 333 crucible will either direct you into a final phase of pure spiritual 999 completion, and your soul will transcend the coming global Apostasy due to God’s Will uniting with your own Will.

( To consciously seek to unite your will with God’s Will is the most powerful spiritual force in the universe and no evil can or will stand against that union of the human and the Divine. )

Or… if your soul has not yet garnered enough inner true spiritual Christ Light, and thus cannot achieve such final spiritual completion, then most likely you will respond to the content of this blog with reactions of fear, ridicule, mockery and negativity, recoiling from what you learn.  You will continue to “worship” media figures, celebrities, movie stars, and talking heads. You will continue to live a fallen, spiritually empty and mundane  existence, creating personally putrid streams of negative spiritual energy everywhere you go due to your lack of  self mastery.

It’s all your choice. This is the ultimate gift of God – the inherent tragedy of human freewill, wherein you can create Heaven or Hell with your own actions and decisions every minute of every day for the duration of your life. You can either use your personal creative power with spiritual sagacity and wisdom, or you can misuse it in arrogance and ignorance and become just one more man or woman who is defecating their own personal trail of ignorance and misunderstanding in life everywhere they go at all times, leaving nothing more behind you in your life than a line of chaos, your own personal debris field of psychological and emotional karmic pooh sputtering out behind you in life, from beginning to end.

That’s the result of freewill creatures who, en masse, and for the most part,  have no knowledge of God, no understanding of God, no desire for God and no hunger for greater truth, who live each minute as if it was the last possible moment to continue to engorge their most recent whim. If you are one of those fallen creatures and you are reading this essay, you most likely don’t even recognize that you are in this condition. You are miserable, angry continuously over trifles, you bathe your existence in high technology trying to abate the inner void, but to no avail. You are a man adrift in the open sea of life – without a rudder, you are a very modern woman who is drifting in meaninglessness, awash in excess material opulence. And you are loathe to admit it all out of the sheer enormity of your own ego, which has now inflated to a point of almost preposterous size, [ witness the Kardashian clan of personal debauchery for examples ] such that you believe your own puerile pronouncements about the non-reality of God actually affect the real and actual universe itself, which of course – they do not.

Even God himself cannot and will not save you from the nonstop experience you are having of sitting awash in the putrid inverted energy field of your own self generated negativity. That is the gift of mortal freewill. You can make just as huge of a mess with your human existence as you choose to.  Or you can turn it all around. Just as the lovely lady speaks so wisely in the film “Vanilla Sky“:



333 will eventually either point you straight into the right direction: to fall in God’s arms in your own heart, to love him, to know His deep and abiding eternal love for you, to live for him, to be close to his heart in all you do and say, to commit your life to good works by FAITH in the spiritual actuality of His Son’s Divinity, (orthodox Christians refer to this as being “spiritually born again,” conquering the inner carnal man) or it will put you back into the spiritually inverted retrograde vibration of 666, the antichrist frequency, the earthbound negative frequency of the hatred of all things truly Christlike, which throws you back into the lower realms of the current third dimensional plane on planet earth.

At this particular time on the earth, the physical plane is manifesting the inverted negative vibration of 666 everywhere you go and everywhere you look.The Hindus call this period of rising darkness the “Kali Yuga.”

The open hatred of the universal vibration of of the true Christ, which resonates to a 999 number, is everywhere in popular media and culture.

Who’s creating this mess on planet earth?

How did it all get to be this way?

The popular slang term “new world order” refers to a hidden ruling global elite of interconnected dynastic families of colossal wealth and influence. I believe that many of the souls in these hidden ruling families are the incarnate remnants of a band of  formerly angelic, now fully inverted  souls who rebelled from the government of God and therefore “fell” with Lucifer some 200,000 years ago during the original Lucifer Rebellion. This original rebellion is explained in great detail in the Urantia Book and was the third rebellion in our local creation since it’s inception and it occurred at the system level. The local system capital of this small neighborhood of several hundred evolving worlds in located on the star Sirius Major, thus the many ancient legends you will read of from time to time where ancient beings of great wisdom visited earth and told local tribes they hailed from Sirius.

This band of hybrid “Nephilim” souls who fell with Lucifer ages ago have all refused the mercy of Christ and have continued to hate his spiritual authority for ages. Their originally ordained governance here on earth fell apart 200,000 years ago when this world’s ruling spiritual prince decided to throw his lot in with Lucifer and joined in the system level insurrection.

You can read more details about this ancient spiritual holocaust on earth in The Urantia Book []  and you can read the word of mouth oral version of it in the King James Version Holy Bible.

These ancient souls who fell with Lucifer were trapped on this world after they defaced their own original mandate to govern it through joining and cooperating in the Lucifer Rebellion.They have acted ever since that period 200,000 years back in the hidden history of earth as hidden and dark overlords to it’s people – hiding the truth and trying mightily to perpetuate their own lies in it’s place. They are the modern day hybrid descendants of the original Annunaki and Nephilim bloodlines, the fallen seed, aka the “seed of Cain.” Their days of  dominance on earth is coming to an end with the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this world, to finally set it’s affairs in order, once and for all. No man knows when that will be – but I believe based on what I see around me – that it might be soon, perhaps even in my own lifetime.

Some of these souls were incarnate when Jesus was alive, and they conspired to put him to death during his brief life on earth as the corrupted Sanhedrin Priesthood of the day, (Jesus referred to them as those who were of the “Synagoue of Satan” , also known as the “tares among the wheat”).

They are incarnate again today in our times, as the hidden NWO elite power structure – the movers and shakers behind the scenes who puppeteer people like Barack Obama, and who are using the global mainstream media ( the mouthpiece of the Beast) to guide this world directly into the approaching calamity of a global apostasy which will test the very foundations of this world.

How to Cope With Living on This World in the Meantime

The negative frequency band of 666 can instantly be conquered by true, sincere and devout heartfelt prayer. Begin with the Lord’s Prayer spoken aloud with fervent devotion three times, three times a day – morning – noon – and night.

Live the 10 commandments. It’s not hard! It’s not hard to stop living like an animal, and begin to live like a spiritually evolving upright man or woman, doing the right thing.Doing the right thing is as easy as breathing when you remove yourself from the maelstrom of downward spiraling social NOISE and listen to your soul’s voice from within.

Your soul knows how to guide you, but you must listen and then be obedient to those spiritual urgings. Then act on what you know to be right. Study your Bible and other supporting sacred Christian texts which support the cosmic fact of the spiritual authority and Divine Sonship of Jesus of Nazareth, and leave off worshiping things which should not be worshiped, and you know exactly what those things are. Stop worshiping people! Celebrities cannot give you a thing other than the desire to mimic their fashions and empty dispositions. Wake up from your TV celebrity worship trance! Snap out of it and wake up.

Then make a conscious and determined spiritual decision to remove yourself from all persons, situations, activities, TV, video, movie media and entertainment, and internet content which exalts and advertises hatred,  death, dying, malice, lies, gossip, deceit, duplicity, infidelity, murder, pedophilia, corruption, canard, personal negativity and hatred of the essence of Jesus Christ and His spiritual authority in our local universe creation. Just being able to complete this act alone of eliminating all external sources of “sin induction social engineering” which are created and blasted at you by the Nephilim owned world media will do wonders for your soul’s general spiritual health.

Continue each day to make  a conscious spiritual decision – 333 – to move toward Jesus Christ and away from the great lie of 666 by reading about Jesus’ amazing but short and strenuous existence on earth.

Surround yourself with goodness, good people, goodwill, good projects and ideas, and by all means remove yourself from the 666 infested world popular media and entertainment system, which spews decadence into the atmosphere 24-7. Surround yourself with good strong spiritual people of God, and eliminate the sources of negativity in your life by removing yourself from those situations. Do whatever it takes. Break a spiritual sweat for once. Take your spiritual life seriously, and stop sitting on the fence.

The living essence of the Presence of God lives within you as “that true light which lights every man who comes into the world.” Adore and protect that inner light by living according to it’s inner leadings. If you love God, then your soul KNOWS exactly what to do. Act on what your soul is now urging you to do. And thank you for coming here, and having the courage to examine the documents on this blog and my others.  God bless and keep you safe from all harm.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Updated on 10.26.2014

Spiritual References and Further Reading:

NOTE:  If you are a traditional Christian and have been told by a well meaning minister that “The Urantia Book” is a demonic text, or some other similar fear mongering nonsense, I would advise you to set aside such foolish ill-informed statements, make a sincere effort to conquer your irrational fears, and begin reading. I have been a student of the papers for more than 30 years now, and I have benefited greatly from cross referencing passages in the UB with both Old and New Testaments in the KJV Holy Bible [ the only present translation that is pristine enough to render a fair record of the original verses as they were written ]. Reading the Urantia Book has greatly deepened and expanded my comprehension of the Bible, and provided me with great insights. I have been studying both and cross-referencing same for more than 30 years, and the practice has only expanded my spiritual and historical comprehension, not hindered it.

Remember, Jesus always taught: “Fear not.”

The Urantia Book: The Fifth Epochal Revelation of God to Man for the Next One Thousand Year Millennial Reign of Christ Upon the Earth

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80 thoughts on “The Spiritual Meaning of 333

  1. amazing! i love that vanilla sky quote.. and i also like the part about saying the Lords prayer 3 times aday.. thats good for keeping people on track.. earlier today i cussed out the ATM machine becuase it didnt give me my reciept LOL. then i stoppd right in the middle like “God help me” im sorry im trippin lol. bt also the part about accepting or rejecting what you’ve written.. ive just been confirmed that my soul has enough Christ light in it. me and him have just that good of a relationship and im glad i have your encouraging blogs to help me in my quest for truth in HIM. i think you’ve truley been blessed to have come to this point ALL on your own.. just you and God.. what a great testimony..


    • I would like to confirm based on your email to me that you have the Light of God in you, now guard and protect what you have gained and “let no man steal thy crown” …. which is to say do not misuse God’s Light but garner, protect and build it in your soul for deeper spiritual strength. The tribulation is on us now.



    • Seemed pretty crafty. The essay itself threatens those that say hey don’t do that and those that would reply that’s negative.

      “Even God himself cannot and will not save you from the nonstop experience you are having of sitting awash in the putrid inverted energy field of your own self generated negativity. That is the gift of mortal freewill. You can make just as huge of a mess with your human existence as you choose to. Or you can turn it all around. Just as the lovely lady speaks so wisely in the film “Vanilla Sky“:”

      Some people though are hurt by others and hurt others by that which they see in front of them, or lifted high for there looks. I think money is not the LORD, works asked to do. We can encourage better works for each other to do. Sometimes I find the naivety of the youth sell out for temporal gain.


  2. o & that Urantia book pages thing is LONG AS IDK WHAT . i think i better stick to readin the bible and understanding THAT before i try to comprehend something else..

    AAAANND (this is my last thing) i noticed the time of my post says 5:05 a.m. and its was 11:05 pm where i am. so that makes me think move to another country to get away from this madness or 2. the timing on this blog is off


  3. Hey, I work in film. I want to be a storyteller. I am also Christian. You seem to condemn media worship but then use a quote from a Hollywood film to confirm one of your points. This is the source of my cognitive dissonance. Please help.


    • It’s nearly impossible to write or even participate from a distance in American culture without rubbing up against Hollywood in all it’s bizarre glory. I love motion pictures and I’ve been a film buff all my life. Each decade the films get darker, and it’s more obvious that dozens of films are being made to “sell” certain ideas to the masses. Motion picture films are the most powerful form of “accidental” (not) propaganda on the planet. Yep, I condemn Hollywood for their brainwashing of the masses, but I also consume the product. And this makes me what? Insincere? Nope. If you never taste watermelon how can you describe it to others? I welcome further dialogue! Thanks for your visit.



    • I have only read this page but I think she clearly said… media that is negitive.. anit- christ like re- read…it’s specific… and doc on christanity dosnt sound bad..unless your exploiting some one else’s eago or motivies are not that of serving god… just my thought… dont mean to sound neg.. I too over look and need clearifaction fir time to time.. and


  4. The way I see it if films can be vehicles for harsh ideologies, why cant they also be vehicles for the cure? They are the minority, but there are people who use films to awaken (Using allegory/parables). It is tricky, but putting a subtle empowering message out there is possible. It is being a lamb in wolf’s clothing that seems the hard part.

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    • I could not agree more. We all need more enlightened writers, conceptual thinkers, and screen play authors. I will be crafting my own screenplay in the next few years. Thanks for your visit and comments!



  5. Thanks for your help.

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. Many triple digits come at me to such an extent that I know it’s no coincidence, but even more astounding is the 11 phenomenon that I’m as if, “plugged into”. For me, it’s God saying that “nothing” in life is coincidence and He keeps reminding me to such an extent that even my husband can’t get over it because we both get the prompts at an enormous pace and degree.

    When we arrived in Prague, we saw four #11 buses on different streets in the span of twenty minutes. We’re seated at tables and find out it’s #11. Cashiers proclaim to the customer next to us, “It’s $11.11. Flight arrival times, clocks, microwaves, DJ’s on the radio…. it goes on and on…

    This all started happening in 2006 and so I googled it. I was shocked to find out there are whole groups of people having the same thing happening to them.

    The weirdest thing is though– if I look consciously at a clock to check the time, it’s “whatever time”. I only get the prompts when I’m busy and engaged in some form of work or activity. It’s kind of like if you were starting to doze off and someone gives you a nudge to the shoulder.

    I think that’s what it is in fact– a wake up call. To be aware and cognizant at a higher level than what we have considered normal all of our lives.

    Feel free to email me for correspondence on the subject:

    May all of your day’s moments be filled with awe and true inspired gratitude.


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    • Sandra, I completely relate to your 11.11 experience, which began happening to me in 2001, 2002 and 2003 – it went on for so many years i was dumbstruck by it. After the end of 2003 my life was turned upside down by deep spiritual inner transformations, my clairsensience, clairvoyance and clairaudience took off like a rocket and I began having end time visions and precognitions, many of which have already come to pass. Whatever the 11.11 experience is, it is amplified by seeing sets of 22s and 222s also 22.22 – then onto to 333, which prepares the soul to do battle with the spirit of Antichrist which is now gone wild in the world. Don’t forget to visit and read my blog explaining what we are confronting at, and if you have not begun reading the King James Holy Bible, now is the time to begin. The bible is chock full of Divine Numbers and Divine Numerology, down to the numbers of certain verses. Pray for the “unction of the Holy Spirit” to guide you from this point on. The more you learn, the less willing you will be to talk about it with the unspiritual stranger, so be careful. I hope you will visit me again and keep me updated.

      God bless and keep you on your journey and please visit again soon! See also

      Chase Kyla Hunter

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      • Hey, I happen to be new to all this.. for yrs i have come across the number 333. It could be 3:32 on my clock and I forget all about it very sudden, them boom, my head turns back at 333. What am I to do know? I’m almost afraid of everyone’s feedback. I would love a one on one with someone to better understand what I’m took through.


  11. Hi, I see 33 every day, mainly 6:33, and no matter where I go what I do I get Turned to the Clock And Yes It’s 33, Receits from Stores, 33rd order-6:33 total at 1:33 pm, I will start The car in the morning yes it’s 6:33 on and on and look on the clock yes, 6:33, Which leads me to Matthew 6:33, Luke 6:33, Ezekiel 33:3, Jeremiah 3:33 And on and on Powerful is the Lord thy God (Jesus Loves you)


    • Yes, He is and sometimes will use whatever it takes to getr one’s attention. Thanks so much for your comments. Please help others to find this blog by linking to it. Thanks for your visit and comments.



  12. also I have Been made aware of the False god maitreya, it all started from a scipture in the Bible Mattew 2:9 and the next morning I was shown a star bright in the estern sky, that lead me to the lie, the false prophet benjermincreme. Lord Jesus Christ Give us wisdom, and decernment to know the truth in Jesus Name i Pray. AMEN


    • Praise God that you were shown. Million and millions will fall for this slick imposter. Keep walkikng in the light of the Holy Spirit and stay close to scripture. There are numerous passages in Daniel that also refer to the Imam Mahdi [final Son of Perdition] and how he will behave and conduct himself when he rises. Thanks for your visit. Please help others to find this blog by linking to it. We are running out of time.



    • Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing JESUS CHRIST to Randy. Hedge RANDY in behind and before and lay your hand upon him as you promise oh Lord. Im praying for you Randy. Satan desires to sift us as wheat, but Jesus prays for us and the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. I am just coming out of a huge attack by the enemy….I know it is not over, but I have kept reading the Word no matter what. Read the Psalms that no one can dispute that they are true of our lives even today…God sees our hearts because that is what He himself goes by. Satan has held me, or rather I have allowed him to hold me, in complete and abject fear. I have understood now; it was slowly being revealed before and I contemplated this revelation, but I not only felt AND believed I was unworthy to be used in this way, but admittedly I was scared….fear is Satan’s greatest tool. I too have had such a great emphasis of 3, 33, and 333; especially 33. I have a particular job to do and it was confirmed for me right now; the Lord used this site and your posting to direct me and give me revelation. THE LORD BLESS YOU WITH THE WISDOM OF SOLOMEN AND THE HEART OF DAVID. Remember too that our gracious God has even provided assurance for us of our self doubt, which Satan will employ….1 John 3:20. Thank you Lord…Amen and Amen


  13. Thanks for commenting back to me , so many people act like i’m crazy, but the Lord Thy God has transformed me, see i was a crack addict for 26 years and then God (Jesus) Pulled Me Out of the Fire i was in, i was living in hell, God ,not any man showed me (The Way) I was called to be Baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ For the remission of my sins, and the next morning while at work i was called to pray and then i received the baptizm of the Holy Ghost and started speaking in tounges, Amen 27 members of my family followed me the Jesus, they seen the transformation in me. what a mighty God we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus, The Church has made me outreach director (i WAS a crack head no more For i Was washed by the Blood of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • There is none so wise as the experienced.

      All of the trials we go through come from the same place. There is None Else Besides Him. He is both the Good Guy and the Bad Guy, necessarily– to teach us right and wrong.

      So wonderful to hear your story. I hope you will now carry your message forward.



  14. This reading helped me in a great way I have been seeing 333 now for years. It always scared me. Now I have learned through some research that it is a sign that God is calling on me to remind me he’s there with me when you come to the daily crossroads in life. God Bless! And thank you!


  15. This article is gold and came to my attention at the most perfect time. After work, most days, I watch a movie at home to wind down and get my mind off of some things that have hurt me lately. I stay away from television completely because of all the junk out there. I have felt an emptiness and loneliness lately because I have replaced meditating on God’s Word with movies every night. I haven’t been sleeping as well and I’ve been waking up feeling lonely. Just today, I wept and told the Lord how much I missed spending quality time with Him. I have been seeing 11:11 repeatedly for several months and I always refer to Hebrews 11, a passage about FAITH. I always jump for joy and do a little dance each time I see 1111 because I know God is reminding me to have Faith in Him. Recently, I have also been seeing 333 often. Today when I saw it, it brought a smile to my face and curiosity of the spiritual significance of this number brought me to your website. The part I love the most: “Do whatever it takes. Break a spiritual sweat for once. Take your spiritual life seriously, and stop sitting on the fence.”
    I needed this article today. Thank you so much for being bold and not sugar-coating anything. We need to see the truth for what it is and quit compromising and wasting time. Time really is short and people desperately need Jesus!


  16. yo im seeing 333 everywhere too, this has given me so much peace reading this, to know it is not coincidence..

    even today i had Trivia Quiz text and their random fact was “there are 333 squares of toilet paper on each roll” crazy


    • Oh glad you found my essay then. Hilarious about the toilet paper thing, who knew? I’ve had periods when I would get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, walk into the kitchen and all three appliance clocks would have stopped on 3:33 am and be blinking it like billboards. I started researching it after that happened twice in one week. God got my attention!



  17. I’ve been seeing 333 for about 2-3 years now. Today i had a dream i met a guy who i believe was a angel in my dream and i asked him what does 333 mean and he said he doesn’t know what it means, but i started to tell him i believe it is GOD revealing himself to me, and the angel replied and said exactly it is GOD. It was like the angel didn’t want to tell me he wanted to know what does it mean to me. When i woke up i had to drive about 10 minutes down the road to pick up my girlfriend form work, Then within 5 minutes i seen 4 cars on the way to pick her up and all of them had 333 on their licence plates and one licence plate had 3333 on it, All the years iv’e seen this number and never have i seen it so many times within that time span. For the first time it actually sent chills through out my whole body… GOD is truly with us, GOD bless you and your loved ones.


  18. Wow…so true …thanks this is a very informative blessing …

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  19. 333. This document was long. I read it. My condemnation of it could be seen as 666 and un christ like, I know 333 to be cezzelion. I know jesus. I know this light. God bless you.


  20. Everyday I see the number 333… Whether its on the clock morning and evenings, gas prices, license tags, I mean I see it all. I’m still unclear what it truly mean, but I believe this helped a lot.


  21. I was born at 3:33 am what can that mean?


  22. For months now I have been dream of cats, me pushing away cats from out of my life but at the end of all the dreams I start feeling regretful for pushing them always because their not trying to hurt me, they just always need my help and I start feeling that I should help them and once my feeling change about the cats and God through Jesus gives me some type of spiritual enlightenment like: saying get ready for a over flow. Now this last dream I had I was pushing the cats out again and i started feeling like I should stop pushing them and way and just help them God though Jesus told me 333. I’m really seeking guidance regarding these dreams.


    • Well my dear, you have come to the right place. Re-occuring dreams of specific animals, [ in your case cats ] means that animal’s medicine, or essence, is trying to come to you as your animal totem. A totem is another word for spiritual protector. So these cats which come to you are trying to tell you something, and no, it does not mean you should start hoarding cats.

      Let’s examine cats:

      Cats are cunning and fiercely independent. They are strong, yet lithe and sinewy and flexible, always landing on their feet. Don’t try this, but a cat can often survive a fall from a 2nd or 3rd story window, land on it’s feet like a coiled spring – and just walk away. Pound for pound, a domestic house cat is one of the most durable, tenacious, enduring and agile creatures known. Cats can survive and thrive in circumstances where other animals perish. They can see well in the dark and are unparalleled in their hunting skills. A cat in Florida recently traveled more than 300 miles by instinct alone to return home after being separated from it’s family on vacation. All of the qualities that cats exemplify are the qualities which are trying to come to you now in your life. For example:

      Do you need to become more independent?
      Are you not seeing some issue that is in plain view?
      Do you need to attend to building physical strength and endurance?
      Are you known to be “needy” and need to learn to stand on your own two feet?

      When cats come into your dreams, a greater independence in your life is needed. Look around in your own life and see what these cats are trying to tell you. In dreams, don’t push them away, but let them come close. DO NOT FEAR if they nibble at you in the dream, that means they are trying to give you their essence of independence. Further, say a little prayer that God via the Holy Spirit will bring you some wisdom on this issue. Then be still and listen. God talks to us through a million means, animals are just one avenue.

      CK Hunter 01.26.2013


      • Hi, kind of “stumbled” onto this site…

        What is the urantia book?… what can I learn from it that the holy bible does not teach?… who wrote it? Were does the writer get his knowledge? What is your goal or purpose for this page?


      • If you go to I think you can begin to get your many questions answered. Just in case you are worried, my grandfather was a Christian minister and I also read and study the KJV Holy Bible, and I have for many many years. I was saved and baptised as a Christian when I was eight years old.

        Praise God that it’s not a sin to want to learn more about the Grand Universe we live in and to try to understand it’s vastness and how it governed from on High.

        Studying the Urantia Book [ I’m a student of the book for more than 30 years ] has helped to enlarge my understanding of the Bible tremendously. I read and cross reference both.

        The Holy Spirit guided me to find the Urantia Book when I was a very young woman and I am so grateful for that. Enjoy your journey! It’s a huge and marvelous universe out there with our Lord and King Jesus Christ sitting at the center of our local region of it. The more you learn about the wonders of Creation the more you love God, and the more you want to learn more!



      • I am by no means a bible tumper but I do question some of the teachings in that book urantia that contradict the holy bible. Do you believe everything in the book? Or like me do you eat the chicken and throw away the bones? I love knowledge. I think its an interesting read. You are right when you said our spirits know how to guide us. I am very sensitive to this. You seem very interesting and id love to hear what you have to say about the book and how it is relevant to saving people. My opinion is its very simple. You wrote it yourself. Let your spirit guide you and stick to GODS word. You dont seem like the type who is scared to speak your mind. Please know that I am completely open minded and I will have no problem grasping what you have to say. Thanx for your time.

        Most people are another person… their thoughts are someone elses opinion… their life is a mirror of society’s acceptance… make a choice… Be GOD’s ultimate version of yourself or become this worlds twisted puppet version of yourself…


      • Adan I think you spoke real wisdom when you said:

        “Be GOD’s ultimate version of yourself.”

        You sound like you are well on your way to doing just that. There are many many spiritual facts presented in the Urantia Book which have fascinated my soul for decades. For example, the details presented about the times of Adam and Eve are just jaw dropping. These facts place the original Garden of Eden somewhere just north of Israel and states that the times of Adam were some 36,000 years ago. The book traces the bloodlines of Adam’s descendants as they spread through the Mideast up into [ what is now ] eastern Turkey, where they settled on the eastern shores of Lake Van. These sons of Adam [ aka Adamites ] went on to found some of the greatest and most brilliant tribes and bloodlines in the world.

        Now when I go back to the Book of Genesis and re-read it, I can place the context of many phrases and passages and they make more sense to me. That’s just one of many aspects I love about the book. I also love reading [ and re-reading “Life and Teachings of Jesus” in the last section of the Urantia Book. So much more detail is given, including all the missing years and what He was doing during that time to prepare for His mission. It only adds more depth and breadth to my KJV Bible Study and helps me to feel closer to HIM, which is what it’s ALL about!!




  23. I had a dream this morning and seen prominently the number 999. Feeling it was something good. And also thought of Angels.
    Do you know what this could signify?


    • 999 is a powerfully positive and dynamic spiritual number. Many numerologists consider it to be the highest number of the Christ vibration, aka “Christ Consciousness” or full Christ Awareness – which instantly neutralizes the downward spiral of 666. So your dream was a good thing!🙂



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  25. I’m so glad that I came across this article cause I have been slowly moving away from God due to worldly temptations. I need God in my life. With everything that has happened to me in the past couple years, I look back and see that I have slowly moved away from my close relationship with God and have seen the problems that have arisen due to it.

    I yearn to be closer to God. I tried buying all new techy stuff. It didn’t fill the void. I tried partying and getting smashed. That didn’t fill the void. I DO remember the last time I went to church though. I felt full and at peace.

    I saw the number 333 on a form that I had been issued as a warning (the form was the warning). When I saw 333, I looked up what it meant and it brought me here. Thank you so much for writing this.

    If anyone out there reads this. If you do not mind putting a prayer up for me and that I find my path. Thank you so much.

    God Bless!!!!


    • Hi there,

      Glory to God in the highest that you found my essay, and that I found your comments. It makes it all worth while if even one hungry soul who aches to be closer to God finds this essay and finds his / her way back to the Creator of everything in Heaven and Earth.

        YES!!! I am praying for your soul right now, and YES I know in my heart God will meet you half way and rush in via the ministry of the Holy Spirit

      to water your soul with His heavenly presence and Light from within and above, and will never cease to guide your path to rebuild your faith and confidence that your life has a deeper meaning and purpose. This life we are given to live on Earth is a supreme spiritual warrior’s test to see if we are worthy of achieving eternal life in God’s Creation. Some will fail to hold fast to faith, but many millions will reach up in their hearts and grab God’s hand within themselves and never let go. Hold fast to God in this dark and terrible time in the history of the earth and NEVER let go. He needs you. We always languish in our self-centered thoughts of how much we are lost and how much we need God, but did you ever stop to think how much He needs you? He needs strong and valiant men and women who are not afraid to love God and glorify Him by their works in the face of all apparent wickedness, lawlessness, depravity and evil which is now spewing out into the world to test the souls of men and women. I hope you subscribed to this blog. We can become friends and I will be here to re-assure you that your search has not been in vain and that God is behind many mysterious human events, even the ones we cannot understand. He led you to read that essay and I think that happened for good reasons.

      Chase Kyla Hunter

      You will often find me here working on another daily news blog that I author if your comments are not replied to right away. It make take some time but I will get to them. Hold fast to the Light! You are not alone.


  26. Lately I have struggling a lot with my relationship with God. Today was a pretty rough day. At church we sang Here I Am Lord and I completely broke down. I haven’t been serving God wholeheartedly.Throughout most of my life I have “suffered” from nightly 3:33 wake up calls. I find that whenever I am most troubled in my relationship with God, I will wake up every single night and look at my clock to see 3:33. Today I came across this article and i realized that maybe god hasn purposely waking me. I never made the connection (duh so obviousa). Normally I just lay there getting more and more upset over lost sleep or personal problems but nort once have I taken this time to pray. “i have heard you calling it the night” Yes Lord, I finally hear you!


    • The next time you get your 3:33 am “wake up call” from the Holy Spirit pray intently at that time for God to show you what He needs for you to see. Ask him to reveal to you why He wakes you and seek His guidance on it. Come back and check in here from time and time and let me know how you are doing. God bless and keep you in every way. I’m so glad you found my article!


      Liked by 1 person

  27. I drop a comment each time I especially enjoy a article
    on a site or I have something to add to the conversation.

    It’s a result of the passion displayed in the post I looked at. And after this article The Spiritual Meaning of 333 | Biblical Times News. I was excited enough to post a commenta response😛 I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind. Is it only me or do some of the comments look like coming from brain dead folks?😛 And, if you are posting on other online sites, I’d like to keep up with anything fresh you have to
    post. Would you list every one of all your community sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?


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  29. I find this site to be fascinating and has lot of insight about things. I really enjoy having fellowship with my christian friends here. I have also been through the same situation, I often see numbers that resonate and have constant dream of end time and other dreams which I see myself being victorious over an enemy. This enemy in the dream is perceived as a LION. I have had dreams of wrestling with LIONS but thank God I always prevail !!

    If anyone have idea regarding the perception of numbers that resonate then please you are welcome to share it with me my email is specify below:

    Thank you all and may the good Lord bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Sincerely,

    Thank you,

    I needed to come to this site, I enjoyed reading it content. I have written upon the cycles of the universe and its vibratory nature, and I believe I proved that God exists, and how it works anyway.

    Being limited to a Conceptual Quantum Particle theory crowd, I could not mention my personal beliefs that would conclude my theory.

    Since I had published this theory of Perpetual Energy and Inner Terrestrial Beings I have changed, grown much more, dropped the distractions and am using my gifts truth telling on Facebook, it is funny never thought it would be like this at my age.

    I am still trying to figure the man that I am becoming.

    I just wish to say reading this was important to myself, because I believe you understand it, you have the first words I have found in contemporary society that matches the conclusions that I came to with quantum particle physics and with. I had nothing to compare my science to, until I found your words. It was relief and moving to myself.

    You may want to check it out as it may help you in the good works you are doing. I want nothing for this. I do not even wish to know if it did.

    Use what you need if you need any of it at all.

    I’m a non church member, believer of Jesus the Christ, my work on cycles pretty much covers the rest of what I believe. Your works, seem to be filling in some of the blanks I have.

    Take care and thank you again,


  31. Very inspirational! I want to read more!


  32. You could possibly certainly go to your passion in the art you’re writing. The whole world wants a lot more excited freelancers just like you that are not fearful to say the direction they believe. All the time comply with the heart.


  33. I stumbled unto your blog while looking for the meaning of ‘333’ but am glad I did. I found it to be an enjoyable read as I too share many of your views, except those of Christianity and religion. Much like your comment above about eating watermelons to know if you like them or not, I gave religion a go a few years ago and it just wasn’t for me. But hey different strokes for different folks.

    However your take on the media and film had me nodding my head. I was starting to go insane, thinking I was the only one who felt this way. I’m a struggling actor/comedian who did a theater play and have been trying to make a leap to the screen (Small one or big one it doesn’t matter) yet find myself struggling with the ‘culture’ of Hollywood day in and day out. I want to be in the business but not the state it’s in. I mean I like film/movies but mostly from era’s gone by. Back when it meant something. When it was simple. When it was art. When you could be good looking but had talent too. Success didn’t hang on making a killing your opening weekend. The mark of a good movie wasn’t about riding the wave of the latest trends or trying to stay hip to your audience with pop culture references. Back when it wasn’t about obsession with fame, worship of false idols and selling out for Pepsi. The industry is bleak with films littered with senseless violence for the sake of shock, bloated budgets and salaries (I have that same opinion of Hockey players and most sports athletes as well). Most movies are either remakes, reboots or retools. Very few original ideas make it down the pipe any more. All for the sake of squeezing every last drop of cash from an over milked franchise. For every Gravity there is a Carrie or a Paranormal Activity.

    I’ll refrain from babbling on further but wanted to throw in my 2 sense worth for all the good it will do. Sadly, I feel the state of our world will never change. Our planet is run by governments (Who are some of the biggest crooks out there they put the Mafia to shame). Yet we continue to vote them into office then don’t hold accountable for their actions even though it’s our right as a society to do so. A population enslaved by the pursuit of the almighty dollar that leaves those who can’t afford to survive in the dust. How many people even acknowledge the poverty stricken any more? Very few. most people only refer to the middle class and the wealthy as if those with low income or no income have no voice. Again judging ourselves by how much money we make. And a media barrage of TV networks, magazines etc that helps shove more phones, tablets, gadgets and crap down peoples throats to the point they rack up enormous debt. What kind of example are we setting for kids? Imagine being a 13 year old kid and your parents can’t afford a smartphone. That kid will be ridiculed at school because we have been led to believe that if you deviate from the norm or don’t join the rest of the mindless flock there must be something wrong with you. I think for many to reach this state the bottom HAS TO drop out. You have to hit rock bottom. Only then can you see the world for what it really is and the state we are leaving it for future generations. Let the car companies collapse! Serves them right. Let banks fold! Let the US default! It will anyway aren’t we just delaying the inevitable with band aid solutions.

    Thanks for giving me an outlet CK!


    • I’m glad too!🙂

      The earth groans for lack of love, tenderness, kindness and goodness demonstrated for all to see and emulate.

      I’d like to tell you something. I know you might not believe what I am going to tell you, but that’s OK. Truth is Truth, and it stands alone, even when millions of people ignore it for decades on end.

      There IS a Jesus. He is an exalted Divine Being, the Creator of our local universe, and He incarnated and walked the earth 2000 years ago to teach humankind the Higher Way. He will return. It won’t be very long before that takes place, possibly less than 100 years from now. When He does return, he will walk right by the Kim Kardashians, the Barack Obamas, the Simon Cowells and the other narcissistic self-centered shallow empty shells of wasted humanity that are now pretending to lead people, adding every more emptiness to the spiritual abyss by their mere presence in the media.

      Instead, He will walk straight over to the poorest, most humble, least important homeless man or woman in the crowd and lift them up into His arms, giving them the LOVE, care, attention and soul nurturing they need in order to teach Humanity a lesson they will never forget. It’s the very least in human society that He will attend to first.

      I want you to remember this. Not only is there a Jesus, a King of Kings who will once again and forever SHOW HUMANITY THE WAY when He returns,but He will lift up and exalt the souls of the most humble, the poor, the down-trodden, the broken-hearted, the abused, the needy and all of the spiritually pure in Spirit, attending to their souls first, because human society considered them to be the least important people.

      This will be a HUGE lesson to learn for all the ridiculously self-important tediously small celebrities who now litter the landscape of American society like so much self-absorbed graffiti litters the walls of public buildings. One of the most tragic failures in modern American society is that spiritually empty narcissists who have nothing to say, nothing to teach, nothing to exemplify and nowhere at all in mind to lead the nation have been elected, burned into celluloid, elevated to positions of grandeur on the covers of magazines and TV news shows, when they are as spiritually hollow within as a seed casing: totally vacant.

      This yawning spiritual emptiness which has been given to American society as “leaders” and “role models” is contributing greatly to the rottening of human society wherein children now murder their parents, teachers, peers, and even kill themselves, before they are even of adult age. The spiritual crisis in modern life is nearing an apex of pure agony. You see it everywhere you look if you have eyes at all.

      Don’t give up. I don’t care if you NEVER ever set foot in a church until the day you die, but learn to PRAY. And believe you me, there is something out there worth praying to. I bear witness to that for Him.

      You are loved, beloved, and cherished by the Creator of the Universe. That makes you a very special, utterly treasured human being. If you pray, He will show you what He wants you to do. And it might turn out that what you will do, ultimately, will have little or nothing to do, with what you thought you were supposed to do in the beginning.

      Godspeed! I hope you will subscribe and stick around. It would be good to drop each other a line on comments now and then. I’d like to know how life unfolds for you as time goes by.

      Chase Kyla Hunter


  34. Awesome! Thank you!


  35. Like the 333 to 999 slip 666. Wake at 3:33 am and a south paw. Always different.


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  37. Since about 1995, I’ve said that 333 is of God.Today I decided to look up the meaning on the internet. I read what you have written. Some of the things you said about the “New World Order” reminded me of something I had read on a facebook site a day or two ago, after reading the meaning of 333, I went back to see what facebook site it was on. it was free activation Enki keys, transforming your vibrations, had disclaimer to read something before activating, I reread it, it mentions this person(?) going to another planet, they had names like Marduk,Nanaea,Theophilos. Also said person to go back to earth will receive transmission to clean any karmic debts,a frequency to help with ascension to higher dimension, it also mentions Kachina, looking at Sirius, the name of the site is Anunnaki Earth Council. All i can say is WOW!!! I had never read anything about any NWO before. kinda a affirmation of what you have written, Thank you so much, Debbie


  38. Hello, your blog provided a wealth of spiritual enlightenment for my life.

    Thank you
    God bless you


  39. Test the Spirits! Beware anyone who won’t proclaim Christ Is Lord! Amen.


  40. Thank you !!! Love and Light always ..
    ((((((( )))))) may God bless and keep you.


  41. Would it be significant if I was born with 3, Threes visible in the veins of my foot ?

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Amazing article!!! (: so trueee. Thank you LORD GOD. THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AMEN. Lots of love from Me To Christ. Thank you to the person who has written this. It really was meant to be!


  43. I saw many times of 333 while I was travelling to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam in February 2015. Christ Hill in Vung Tao was my main reason of the trip. I have seen some significance numbers such as 333 during my trip. I came home to dream about newborn baby although I was still a Buddhist. 2 months later, Jesus guided me to church. I was connecting all the dots of my dreams, visions and my experiences after my dream of a man in white robe in January 2015. February I was in Christ Hill after waiting for 3 years to visit this place although I was a Buddhist back then. After the trip, I came home dreamt about newborn baby. March I rejected a job and started to write my life stories I realized I turned to God in many phases of my life since young till adulthood. But I didn’t know God through Jesus Christ. I heard about his name but know nothing in depth about Jesus Chris. April 2015 I found my 16 years long lost college friend after I asked God how long I have to get to know my true life purpose? Then I found my friend through facebook . She invited me to church. To cut the story short, I found out all answers to my dreams and visions after I went to church. I then accepted Christ in end of April. After that I had few spiritual attacks. God through Jesus Christ exists so does satan. I encountered it myself even when I did not know satan. He appeared in my dream few days after I dreamt about man in white robe. Please learn more about God words in bible. I found my experiences as shared in the bible.


  44. can anyone tell me how i am meant to contact the authors of these pages? ive found more than anyone in the world about religion, secret society, secrets, the truth about jesus and much more. i see 333, boogeyman, have dreamt sacred symbolls i didnt know were real and sooo much that everyone i talk to thinks im making this all up.


    • Sounds like it’s time to build your own blog and share what you know. I have people come onto this blog all the time
      attempting to post their own “aricles” and “teachings” under comments. Those get deleted. WP offers FREE blogs. Get busy!
      God bless and keep you!

      Leigh aka CKH


  45. ed chiarini has found an unbeleivable part to this puzzle- but few can open their mind to see it due to our programing…


  46. I have encountered the # 333 on multiple occasions, it led me straight to my salvation. I am confused why a demonically possessed person would say the number is cool though. This specific instance happened on the night my transgressions were shown to me (Jan 1 @ 3:33 A.M) and I started to see his true form right in front of my eyes (reptilian/demonic). I also heard a voice in the deepest of tones that said “I hate myself” at that exact moment. That night/morning was full of spiritual warfare, dragon’s/serpents, spider’s, ouija boards and much more. The #333 was there the whole time before and after but so was the # 666 which was seen right after I left that night @ 3:33 A.M in the morning on the first licence plate I encountered. I am looking for a community in which I can share my experience and grow from others. I’m I the only one who has been surrounded by these type of encounters??? How do I tap into the freq of 333 more effectively??? I have so many questions????


    • First: Dump the ouija board and stop affiliating with demonic persons. Your soul knows who they are. If you crave magic and witchcraft your soul will never move any higher than the lower bowels of the 4th dimensional plane, like unto the ghettos of the astral world. I know you most likely won’t do this, but PRAY and get a King James Version bible and then start reading it. When you feel like you are starting to want to go deeper visit and begin reading there. Stay away from 90% of the people you have been associating with. Get clean and sober and lose your filthy habits. Then come back here and drop me a line in a year. God bless and keep you. – Leigh aka CKH


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