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Pushing Back the Origins of Earliest Human Settlements: Discoveries

Essay authored by Cherokee Shaman Chase Kyla Hunter [ a pen name ] on 3.7.2012 with updated additional historical material on 10.15.2012.

[ Preface:  I’ve been a student of the Urantia Book for nearly 30 years and I know the papers well. I have always known the day would come when archeological evidence was discovered which would begin to corroborate what the papers have said all along – that human civilization goes back nearly a half million years or more. The most recent discovery out of Kurdistan pushes back the official date of human settlements another 6,000 years.

Likewise, undersea archeologists have recently discovered the ruins of two different ancient cities on the sea floor off the southwest coast of India. These ruins are reputed to be more than 32,000 years old. Ancient history researcher Graham Hancock discusses the incredible discovery during a recent History Channel interview:

But know also that there will be many more digs unearthed in the next twenty years which will reveal even more far ancient human settlements. Historians and archaeologists will either throw up their hands in despair, find another profession, or re-discover their own deepest integrity and continually re-dedicate themselves to the publishing of the truth as it is unearthed – literally. There will be no other option. The search for truth on this world about ancient human origins will ultimately require the dedicated cooperation of historians, religionists, pastors, anthropologists, archaeologists, and even forensic scientists and geneticists. This quest should be the “Call of the Ages” for humankind in the next 40 years. Nothing else matters as much here and now than understanding our own lost past. If we don’t remember who we are, we will never be able to face the problems on this world in the present and in the far distant future with the inner resources and insight to solve them and prevail as a species. ]

This video below [ with Chinese language sub-titles ] receives my citizen journalism “Video of the Month” award for March 2012.

Cover of

Cover of The Urantia Book

The video covers a broad range of topics, but what’s noteworthy is the information about a recent archeological discovery in Kurdistan of remains of a civilization more than 12,000 years old, older than any Sumerian era site in the Mideast. This discovery pushes back the official date of the advent of human civilization by another 6,000 years, corroborating certain papers presented in The Urantia Book which reveal that the very first human settlement on earth was established nearly 500,000 years ago, in the far distant past of Mesopotamia, at the headwaters of the Persian Gulf.

The archeological discovery of a 12,000 year old human settlement in Kurdistan proves that our present understanding of the age of human civilization is in error. The discovery provides more hard scientific evidence that the origins of human civilization are much older than previously determined. History authors may find that they will be re-writing the history books repeatedly in the next 20 years as more significant archeological finds push back the dating system for the ancestry of modern human civilization.

Before I set forth this next paragraph please allow me to reassure readers that I am not only a Bible studying modern Christian, but a passionate follower of science, astronomy, anthropology, and archeology. I find no conflict whatsoever between the study of science and the practice of religion and faith in God.

One of the most tragic mistakes made by modern Christendom has been the erroneous dating of the history of human civilization and the age of the earth based on primitive Old Testament accounts of the history of humanity from the Book of Genesis. We no longer practice medicine as they did in the middle ages, using “blood-letting” as a primary medical treatment for ailments. Neither do we build homes as they did in 300 B.C. But many modern Christians are still trying to date the age of the earth and humanity by the records of the Old Testament, specifically the Book of Genesis, and this error has created havoc in modern Christian churches, driving away millions of would-be Christians among bright scientifically minded young people, who simply know better than to believe that the earth was created in 6 days and is only 6,000 years old.

I have believed all my life that the Urantia Book was given to humankind in an attempt to correct the many tragic errors of the past regarding human record-keeping and the actual age of human civilization. When the Royal Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground in the first century A.D. all records of the most ancient human settlements in the world, which originated in ancient Mesopotamia, going back nearly 500,000 years, disappeared for all time. This unprecedented tragedy in human record-keeping altered humanity’s understanding of their own deep history, and changed humanity’s future forever.

A sentient species can have no possible idea of where they are going if they forget or erase the records of where they have already been. But that is exactly what has happened in human history repeatedly in the past 500,000 years as periodic re-occurring cataclysms erased entire civilizations, inducing trauma and species-wide amnesia into the stream of human history, and altering our understanding of our own far distant past. The Urantia Book was given to humankind for many reasons, and just one of them involves restoring the most ancient records of the history of human settlements, racial origins and migrations, civilizations and the history and evolution of human religion. It was intended that the Urantia Papers would be studied and cross-referenced with traditional Christian theology in order to enlighten and uplift human understanding of both the ancient origins of humankind, and the evolution of human religion itself.

It was never intended that The Urantia Book would become an object of ridicule, fear, loathing and hatred by most modern Christian ministers, but, adding train wreck to tragedy, that is exactly what has happened. This must change or humanity will never make the transition from ignorance to intelligent understanding in time to stay abreast of the great swing of the Cosmos into the next era of Light and Life upon this world.

Discoveries continue to be made which corroborate facts presented in the Urantia papers. I believe that the hand of God is in many of these new archaeological discoveries. Christian ministers make a fatal mistake when they demonize the historical material presented in the Urantia Papers and refuse to reconcile their study of the Christian Holy Bible with the Urantia Book. I have been cross-referencing my own KJV Holy Bible with the Urantia Book for more than 30 years now, personally guided by the Holy Spirit the entire time. The book was given to our world for deep and complex spiritual reasons, many of which won’t be revealed for decades to come. NOW is the time to set aside fear, ignorance, prejudice and outdated dogma and begin to learn anew what many of our ancient ancestors held sacred for ages before we were born. The original ancient Divine Mandate for planet earth which originated 500,000 years ago in Mesopotamia can still be restored in time, but a massive spiritual re-education effort for the entire world population must begin first.

Exploring the contents of the Urantia Book has been an illuminating and exciting journey for me, to say the least. If other Christian leaders would set aside their fears and begin an urgent and vigorous examination of the cosmic facts presented by The Urantia Book then our present understanding of our own deep past could quickly be illuminated and the ongoing tragedy of human religious ignorance could finally begin to come to an end. I cannot stress enough how urgent this issue is at this time.

I will continue to post scientific, astronomical, archeological, and anthropological material which both confirms and illuminates our understanding of traditional biblical scripture, and corroborates new facts about human  history which are presented in the Urantia Book papers.

Chase Kyla Hunter updated on 10.15.2012

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2 thoughts on “Pushing Back the Origins of Earliest Human Settlements: Discoveries

  1. Dear Chase, I notice that, not once, did you mention the name of Jesus Christ. This is the only measure I use when exploring the truth regarding our origins, does it fit with the Bible. You are making a great error by falling for the scientific and urantia explanations of things which go against the Bible.

    Even if the Bible appears inadequate in this regard, it is important to keep your compass by adherence to the scripture. I think that the age of the universe and this planet and humanity is not a long drawn out story. I believe that the Bible indicates a shorter period of time as opposed to several hundred thousands of years. To us it may appear to be ancient since we have a sensory system and laws of nature that are limited to a specific measured section of the perceptive gaugeline.

    The truth is that the Great Flood wiped out a highly advanced global civilisation of humans and human hybrids (the offspring of the fallen angels, who are demons). Archeology is merely bringing the evidences of this to light. The Gobekli Tepe does give validation to the Genesis account. Why is it that we are so insistent in our error to deny the impact of the Great Deluge? I think that Gobekli Tepe was covered in order to preserve it from destruction by the Great Flood.

    The Great Flood which indeed covered the whole earth, is also to blame for the desertification of the lands, not farming. After the Flood, things changed and it was necessary to start farming for food.

    I look forward to your reply.


    • Lea, I am the grand daughter of a minister and the great niece of one of the founder’s of a 30,000 member church congregation in the south. I grew up among people who took every word of the Bible literally. I now believe that to be the height of folly and misunderstanding. God doesn’t want for His people to lack wisdom in such magnitude that scientists begin to be lauded as the only wise men of the modern age. I believe my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wants His people to be more intelligent and insightful in the modern age than to stone women who are menstruating, allow men to take their nannies and housekeepers as wives, and treat people who were born predisposed toward same sex relations like they are defective second class citizens. So I have some serious issues with Christian fundamentalism, [ although I was raised in it ] which has all but destroyed the credibility of the Christian church during my lifetime. I was born gay. It’s a genetic / biological thing and I have no issue with the way God made me. Christian society, however, has HUGE issues with it, as the recent “Duck Dynasty” uproar has shown.

      Modern Christians stand at a terrible and momentous crossroads: either cling to fundamentalist interpretations of the KJV Bible and watch their religion shatter into obsolete pieces, or ask the Holy Spirit for TRUE INSPIRATION to help them see the corroboration between modern scientific and archeological discoveries and what we have left to study from the over-edited and altered documents which have been passed down to us as the Holy Bible. If you look deeper into the historical sources for the remaining books of the bible, you discover quickly that many documents have been left out. Catholics’ bibles have several different books in them that Christians’ bibles do not. Why? Why were so many books omitted from the final collection that we read today?

      You must understand something: although the Bible was inspired by God, many books in it were culled, chosen or rejected, altered and often dismissed altogether as men struggled to compile a written history that could connect their times to ancient times. God wants His people to know the truth, all of it, about their origins. That requires reading and studying many documents, videos, articles, reports, books, films, etc for decades.

      All of humanity is now awakening to the longing to know the truth about our origins. The History Channel [ via it’s Ancient Aliens series ] would have us believe that Annunaki off-world aliens created us as a slave race. I don’t believe that either. I look for corroborating facts from a broad cross section of disciplines in trying to understand what happened in the deep past from which humanity has emerged.

      I do not believe the world was literally created in 6 days. I do believe, however, that perhaps six great ages of time passed as life evolved under God’s guiding hand, and that the 7th age, or “seventh day” is the time in which we are living now. Lea, there is just too much overwhelming scientific, geological, anthropological, and historic evidence which indicates beyond all shadow of a doubt that the earth is not only 4.5 billion years old, but that humanity’s origins go back millions of years, not just 6,000.

      God is the one who put the fire inside me to search for the truth, beginning at a very young age. I had to leave the church when I was 14 because of the hatred and shaming that was aimed at me as a gay teen. I try to imagine what my life might have been like had the Christian church treated me with love and encouragement as a truth seeking teenager with an IQ of 162, rather than treat me like I was worthless.

      I had to LEAVE the church to find God. That says alot about the value of what’s being presented as “Christianity” to America’s young people during my lifetime. I’m not about to let people who are less intelligent than I am tell me what to believe. I’ll lean on God to tell me what to believe instead.

      I have tried to return to the “Christian Church” repeatedly in the past 10 years, and each time the mistreatment has been worse. Guess what? I won’t ever be setting foot inside a “Christian Church” full of hatred for those who were born different – ever again. If you had walked even one day in my shoes, you would begin to understand how WRONG an organized religion can be about so many things.

      That’s all I have to say.



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