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Updated September 17th 2011

Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Examined by Marshall Masters

Breaking video update September 17th 2011 from North Wales The remarkable home video taken below clearly captures a small second sun accompanying the sun, which can now be seen in broad daylight. This is another historic and significant video.

Elenin and Nibiru Astronomy co-ordinates as of 8.28.2011

Sky co-ordinates: Nibiru 09 hrs 47 min 57.30 sec + 13 degrees, 16 ft 44″

Elenin in Leo 11hrs 21 min 15.36 sec. + .03 degrees 34 ft 26.6″

All Nibiru 24-7 Newest Nibiru Related Links and Videos Added:

YouTube – Nibiru—2012

Nazeret Observatory Photos of Comet Elenin:

Soulier Observatory:

the Peddling of Helpful Information For Money; 2012 Nibiru ‘Hucksterism” Abounds

I have been writing and reporting on Nibiru aka Planet X since I had my first spiritual “eureka” on this topic in the spring of 2002. I had already been researching earth changes, secret world government, the end times, the new world order, the Nephilim, and Illuminati global crime cabal, and bible prophecy before that for at least 20 years.

In the spring of 2008 suddenly more than a dozen divergent tangents of understanding coalesced in my own private research, and I realized like a bucket of cold water slapped in the face, what was soon coming our way.  This realization had much to do with reading biblical accounts of

I penned an essay titled: “Global Call To Awakening” and began writing about what I was being shown spiritually, in earnest. Apparently many other Americans and persons abroad were receiving that same “global call to awakening” as well. Between 2003 and the present there has been an international explosion of writing, reporting, publishing, media, film and video produced concerning Nibiru: it’s legend, history, prophecy and future implications.

The growing list of links below point to articles, either my own, or others which are related to, or discuss or mention Nibiru aka Planet X and it’s affect on our planet, either past, present or future. This page will be updated weekly as time allows.

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Nibiru Discovered? IRAS Detects Planet

Scientists Discover Nibiru But Call It “Tyche”

I am posting a screenshot of this web report in case it too disappears soon.

 July 29th 2005, NASA Website: “10th Planet Discovered”

When you locate supporting science reports online save a screenshot to your hard drive.

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