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An Introduction to Joel Skousen’s “World Affairs Brief” – Daily News Headlines

Originally posted on News247-365:

Alternative news journalist and world affairs analyst Joel Skousen is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast Radio and I have listened with keen interest to many of his interviews. As the events of the world darken and escalate, it’s helpful to get a clear point of view which is not intent on keeping the truth from the American people, but is focused instead on revealing it. Here’s a sampler of recent headlines gleaned from Joel Skousen’s news website,

Daily News

After boosting trade pacts, Hillary Clinton gets millions from speeches to traders

posted by askousen – Wednesday, May 20 2015
…In addition, the Biotechnology Industry Organization paid her $235,000 for a speech in San Diego, and the Advanced Medical Technology Association paid her $265,000 to speak in Chicago. Both groups have joined the broad ranks pushing for passage of the measures over the last couple of years…

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California Evangelist Accidentally Stumbles Upon a FED DHS Bus Hauling Somali Illegals to US Based Detention Camp Near Victorville CA, Interviews Driver, Shoots Video

Originally posted on News247-365:

It’s one of those news reports that most anyone would utterly refuse to believe – until you view the video clip shot from a cell phone video [ see link below ] and hear the comments made by the DHS bus driver, as he is queried by an alert lady evangelist, who just happened to be getting gas at the same gas station that he and his bus were. The windows of the enormous DHS transport bus were greyed out so no one could see who – or how many people – were being transported.  You CANNOT make this stuff up folks.

Here’s the link. Read the whole report, then watch the video. Please share this report.

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ISIS Loots and Bulldozes Ancient Site of Nimrud*

Originally posted on Hwaairfan's Blog:

ISIS Loots and Bulldozes Ancient Site of Nimrud*


By Roberto Peron

ISIS has bulldozed the ancient archeological site of Nimrud in Iraq near Mosul according to media reports.  Reportedly heavy military vehicles were used to accomplish the feat.  The Nimrud site was considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and has been compared to King Tut’s tomb in terms of artifacts and the wealth of information derived from the stie.  The ancient city was the second capital of the Assyrians.  However, this is not the only site ISIS has destoyed.

Last week ISIS militants released a video showing militants with sledgehammers destroying ancient artifacts at teh Mosul Museum in Iraq.  Last year they destroyed two mosques in Mosul and they attempted to destroy the infamous Crooked Minaret in Mosul but were prevented from doing so when residents surround the site preventing the militants from carrying…

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Iraq enlisted 100,000 militiamen to fight ISIL and now it can barely control them

Originally posted on Quartz:

BAGHDAD—With traffic on the Republic Bridge snarled up for half a mile and lunchtime fast approaching, the two pickup trucks chock full of armed men in desert camouflage decided they could stand the wait no longer. Mounting the sidewalk, they sent pedestrians scattering as they barreled towards one of the many checkpoints designed to stymie Islamic State (ISIL) suicide bombers in the Iraqi capital.

Up ahead, the nervy gaggle of policemen and soldiers manning the concrete barriers heard the commotion and leapt to their feet, ready to do battle. But when they saw that the lead vehicle flew not the black banner of ISIL but the telltale green flag of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia (AAH), they lowered their weapons and scuttled out of the way.

AAH is one of some 35 Shi’ite militias that coalesced to fight ISIL as it swept across large stretches of northern and western Iraq last…

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Inside Iraq

Originally posted on Malvern Mashal:

Every now and then we come across sites that make an incredibly deep impact. We have been hearing for so long of the terrible atrocities being committed in Iraq. These links graphically reveal more the horrors of life under ISIS. It is like reading accounts of the Holocaust and Srebrenica, taking us in a sensitive way far beyond the sanitised charts and reports on television of cities falling to ISIS to the raw suffering involved. Please don’t turn away from reading these pages because the material is so intense; some of the quotes take us to very close to the heart of the sacrifice that the cross represents. ISIS were right when they call their victims, “people of the cross”.

Into Iraq – what the news isn’t telling you

Into Iraq – Love in the time of ISIS

Even in this man-made hell on earth a few precious saints continue…

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