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#MyJihad Advertising Campaign On City Buses Exhorts American Muslims to Do Violence

Update 04.27.2013

Since this advertising campaign [ sponsored by CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations ] appeared on city buses in Chicago, New York and San Francisco this spring, the Boston Bombing has taken place. What further evidence would the American people need to put a stop to this bizarre, misguided and sinister advertising campaign? If the original intent was harmless, that’s not how the ads read. The wording in these ads could not be any more misguided.

If you live in Washington D.C., Chicago, San Fransisco or NYC and have seen these adverts appear on buses in your locale, contact your city council representative and your state’s Senator and Congressional representatives and apply direct pressure to have them remove these ads and end this nonsense. If you would like to find out what sort of organization CAIR really is, just Google the letters CAIR and begin reading.

– CK Hunter

Accidentally or On Purpose?  #MyJihad Advertising Campaign On City Buses Exhorts Muslims to Do Violence on American Streets

Thank God that the majority of American Christians have enough sense to see through the MEDIA LIE which is at the heart of this insanely misguided, sinister city bus advertising campaign, dubbed “#MyJihad” – supposedly developed to convince Americans that Muslims are peaceful people. The obvious problem with this ad campaign is that it purports to achieve this goal [ the re-introduction of peace loving Muslims to native born Americans ] by using the most explicitly VIOLENT language possible. In the world of advertising disasters, and noted from a retired advertising professional of more than 30 years experience, I have to state that this ad campaign is the biggest epic fail I have ever seen. It calls to mind that awful Jay Leno with Hugh Grant moment, years ago, where Jay just leans in and asks:

“WHAT were you thinking?”

The ads are already appearing in Chicago and soon will appear in Washington DC and San Francisco. I’m furious over it, and any freedom loving American who opposes overt hate speech ought to be as well.

#MyJihad Advertising Campaign On City Buses Exhorts Muslims to Do Violence on American Streets

If it weren’t so damned dire it would be laughable. But it’s not. Someone somewhere had the bright idea to try to “re-introduce” Muslims to Americans by developing what is possibly the most misguided and tasteless advertising campaign in American history. You simply cannot believe how awful these ads are – until you see one. [ See photos in links and below the post. ]

Add to today’s news the latest abomination appearing on America streets: city buses which display “My Jihad” adverts. I can only assume that Americans everywhere – and especially residents of the cities where these ads are appearing, will be outraged enough to gather and peacefully storm local city hall meetings to demand that the outrageously offensive “hate advertising” be pulled and prohibited. Any lame excuses made by politically correct Muslims that these horrific ads are an effort to “re-introduce” Muslims to America via PR is utter nonsense and needs to be immediately and powerfully refuted as such.

I can read. I can comprehend clearly how the message of these ads will speak to an already radicalized American or immigrant Muslim, urging he or she to act on their urges to hurt and harm Christians on American city streets. Pull this outrageously offensive and preposterously misguided ad campaign immediately, before someone gets hurt or killed over it.

Cited:  “The ads are already up in Chicago (with more there to come). And they will be up in San Francisco and Washington, DC next week.”


Please share this report far and wide.



Exit question: Do riders really want to reminded of Jihad when they’re boarding an American train or city bus?

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One thought on “#MyJihad Advertising Campaign On City Buses Exhorts American Muslims to Do Violence

  1. The trouble is that we’ve been conditioned to think that “jihad” means violence towards others. For a small percentage of bad Muslims it does. The original and “high” meaning of that word though is that it is a call for each man and women to do internal, personal battle against the destructive influence of Satan. When we see a sign like that on a bus it means to come closer to God and to reject all forms of sin.

    The trouble with our society is that there a some who look for fearful things and then attempt to spread fear based upon them by twisting meanings. On this website those who are making reports about Muslims in our society are not qualified to do so as plainly they know nothing.

    I, and all other Muslims in my America, will ask God to forgive them because they know not what they do…

    JPS 71 year old retired US Navy American citizen of German descent born in California during the battle of Midway long ago.


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