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Persecution of Christians Worldwide Reaches Biblical Proportions in 2015

Were American news outlets to attempt to report on all known and recorded incidents of the killing, maiming, harassing, beheading, mauling of Christians worldwide, along with the desecration and destruction of sacred ancient Christian shrines, churches, temples, holy places, buildings and homes, they would now need a separate news outlet for reporting and airing video footage 24-7, 365 days a year. And even then – every incident which takes place would not be known. Many incidents are never reported, especially in remote and wild places in Africa, Polynesia, and other remote locales where Christian and their family members are fighting for their lives.


ISIL marking Mosul Assyrian homes with the “n” for Christian pejorative, “Nasrani,” and for confiscation – cited from

So when the Christian broadcaster in one of the videos below, asks whether or not the worldwide persecution of Christians “has reached biblical proportions” – I believe we all know what the answer to that question is. The documented accounts shown below represent just a very small number of incidents. There is a global rampage afoot against all things Christian, which Jesus prophesied would take place in the Last Days. He told us what to watch for and what would be taking place. We hold our faith to our hearts like a precious jewel. That can never be taken from us, and that is what truly matters. The Body of Christ stands united on every continent on earth and we are unmoved in our hearts as we stand together against the raging winds of evil which would tear the world apart, if not for FAITH. We are the FAITHFUL, and we will remain so, even to the very end, as that is what Jesus instructed us to do before He ascended.

In Iraq: “ISIL terrorists have forced thousands of minorities from their homes, with Christians, Yazidis, Shia Turkmen and Shabak fleeing for fear of enslavement or death, often faced with a “convert, leave or die” ultimatum. ISIL have given Christians less than 24 hours’ notice of the choice of converting, paying a fine, or leaving their homes with not even having the right to taking their possessions. Hundreds have been murdered without even the chance to make that horrific choice.” See


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  1. The work that you doing pleases our Holy Father Who is in heaven


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